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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Valentines Day

So this Valentines day was a lot different to that of 2012.  Valentines day 2012 was the last lot of chemotherapy I had as part of my treatment for Breast Cancer.  Last year I was being poisoned....this year thanks to my other half I was being treated to a meal at a lovely pub.  It really hit home after that how far I have come, it's been more than a year since my last chemo and next week will mark a year from when I completed my radiotherapy and the end of my Cancer treatment - sometimes it does not feel like that long ago and sometimes a million years.  I'm still having medical appointments to do with the aftermath of the Cancer, but not many.  The next hurdle will be my next check up in July where hopefully I will be getting to my first Cancer free anniversary after the all clear last year.  I have been told on a number of occasions that the further you get away from diagnosis the easier it gets to have a normal life and stop worrying so much...or maybe in my case the worrying about my Cancer coming back as just been replaced with worry about getting a job and being in a new relationship!
I sometimes still feel that my life is on hold and overcoming this block is no easy task, but hopefully as the good times thanks to the amazing people in my life cancel out the bad, the easier it will become, but I guess that is the way it works with all these trials and tribulations we all deal with - we sometimes need to stop and just enjoy the little things, be kinder to others and ultimately to ourselves - you don't need to do something big to change your life, what you give is what you receive, and wouldn't it be a good start if we began with what Valentines day is about - love and kindness.


  1. I'm wishing you many, many, many good moments Zoe. ~Catherine

  2. dear zoe,

    i found your blog early this year and have wondered about how you have been faring. this was a wonderful post, and i admire your honesty in sharing how hopeful one can be even in the face of the great unknown. i wish you great joy in your new relationship, getting that job that's just right for you, and the continued support of all the people in your life that cherish you. keep writing - you have a lot to say that helps others to feel uplifted, and to feel that they are alone.

  3. oops - i meant to say, ...and to feel that they are NOT alone. xo