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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Being Bald

I have to say, I was not sure at all about how I was going to feel about being bald.  Unfortunately with chemo its just part of the territory but I do get why for some its a big deal.  I mean your hair is part of your identity, it certainly was part of mine - I'd always pretty much had the long flowing locks thing going on so when you are told its all going to drop out it's a bit of a wrench.

I thankfully turned it in to a positive thing for me which I think helped, firstly I had it cut short which just helps you get used to it not being there but what I had cut off I donated to a charity called The Little Princess Trust, they make wigs for children who also have to deal with Cancer/Alopecia etc.  Cancer is full of battles small and large and I think where you can turn one of these into a positive thing it can only be a good for everyone.

It is odd however being bald.  My hair started to fall out about 3 weeks after my first chemo - I was literally able to pull clumps out and was starting to leave a trail around the house - I had to bite the bullet and go and have it shaved off - it was actually all part of the service, there is a shop called Pink not far from where I live and the nurses at the hospital told me about it - I had no idea it even existed! Anyway they helped me chose a wig & when my hair started to go they shaved my head for me & cut & styled my wig on the same day so I went in with hair and came out with hair - albeit detachable.

So now I have a wig and various headscarves but do occasionally wander about with a naked head - actually it makes quite good air con especially in the warm weather. 

Of course its not just the hair off your head that goes, some people lose eyebrows and lashes (not yet thankfully) and pretty much all of your other body was it put by my friends husband - ah yes, "no grass on the pitch".   I must be saving a small fortune I just naturally look like a pre-pubescent teen, no waxing required...low level maintenance, you have to love it.

So all in all its not the end of the world, my hair will grow back apparently thicker and possibly curly which will be an interesting change of pace - its probably a good thing, I had pretty much ruined my hair with constant colour changes so it will be nice to have a new crop to start on. 

Being bald for a while is actually pretty liberating....maybe you should try it?


  1. Zoe, it's great that you have donated your hair to charity. As you say, it is turning things round into a positive that really does help you certainly helped me.
    Just to let you know and others in the same position who may read your blog, that the Breast Friends charity in Sutton offers a make-up workshop day for any ladies having chemotherapy and experiencing hair loss. You will be shown how to apply make up to help compensate, using 'Fresh Minerals' make up which is 100% pure and natural and has been approved by the breast care team at Good Hope Hospital.
    The workshops are free of charge and at the end of the session you will be given a free set of make up worth over £40 to use at home. Those who have already attended have found the sessions very uplifting and fun!
    Please contact me if you would like more info

  2. Looking good and wearing it well, stay strong and beautiful

  3. Looks pretty sexy to me! Dave