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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

F***ing Cancer!

Today is World Cancer Day, to do my bit I posted a picture of me giving Cancer the finger.  Childish it might be but sometimes it all makes me so mad!

I do have times where I get so angry with the whole thing, and if I could take Cancer and turn it into a person I would love to lock it in a room with me, and a very sharp pencil.

It just causes such heartache, such suffering and such problems - these things never go away, even now every ache and pain can turn into a huge drama.  I am nearly 3 years away from the end of treatment and have just now developed some weird condition on my affected side which they think is caused by my lymphatic system not working properly.  The Doctors were quite interested...I however am not quite so excited by another new problem.

I see people newly diagnosed and with recurrences and it knocks me sick, people with children, good people that in no way deserve it and I wish WISH I could take it all away from them. 

I don't do enough...I never feel like I am doing enough to help or raise awareness, I am involved in a project with the a Post Grad student from the University of Westminster which involved me appearing on film to talk about all of my experiences - I hope that when this film is released in whatever way that it does some good.

Cancer has affected my life for will never stop affecting my life for one reason or another - there are millions of us and it just shouldn't be.  How do we stop it?  Will it end in my lifetime?  I hope so, and as it is in life we must always have hope......

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